Internal Ballistics

Prediction of primer ignition delay versus venting holes parameters.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada (GD-OTS – Canada) offers the following Internal Ballistic research and development:

  • Ignition design systems (all calibers)
  • Interior ballistic modeling: Thermodynamic properties using multiple software codes (Thermo, BAGHEERA, Cheetah and IBHVG2 / XKTC NOVA
  • Igniter and propelling charge design: Expertise with IM and Green propelling charges.
  • Prototype assembly capabilities: for all calibers.
  • Testing facilities: Igniter, propellant/igniter interactions, Primer Pressure Proof Gun and complete cartridge testing.
  • Safety: Evaluation of safety and suitability of standard and insensitive propelling charges, ballistic testing and charge weight assessment.

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