High Explosives

Over the years, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada (GD-OTS – Canada) has developed expertise with several explosive formulations, including insensitive ones.

  • Melt-Pour TNT-based and DNAN-based explosives such as TNT, Comp B, Octol, Hexotonal, Ontalite, DRDC-V GIM, PAX-21, PAX-25, PAX-48, OSX-12, IMX-104
  • Cast-Cure HTPB-based explosives, including Rowanex 1001, HBU88B, PBXN-109, CX-84, CX-85
  • Pressed explosives: conventional and insensitive such as Comp A3, Comp A5, PBXN-5, PBXN-9, PBXW-14, LX-14
  • Filling methods for fragmentation artillery and mortar shells from 57 mm to 155 mm;
  • Filling methods for shaped charges (40 mm to 84 mm)
  • Instrumented shells are used to facilitate loading method development
Our facilities include two pilot plant lines for melt-pour explosive and two others for cast-cure explosives. The pilot plants are representative of our explosive processing facilities (visit the Explosive Processing page for more details)


Pilot plant equipment for melt-pour explosive includes:

• 25 gal Melting Kettle
• Casting Distribution System
• Heating and Cooling Station (probe and coils or heated box)
• Continuous line equipment

Pilot plant equipment for cast-cure explosives includes:

• 2 gal and 10 gal planetary mixers, each one with transfer and casting equipment
• Bi-component equipment allowing continuous casting

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