About GD-OTS Canada

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada Inc. (GD-OTS Canada) is a world-class developer and manufacturer of ammunition adapted to the needs of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The company has a workforce of 1,200 employees.

As prime contractor and ammunition system integrator, GD-OTS Canada is designated by the Canadian government as the centre of excellence for the maintenance and further development of an industrial defence capability in production, technical know-how and research relating to ammunition products. The company is headquartered in Repentigny, Québec and is wholly owned by General Dynamics Corporation.


A High Level of Technical Expertise

GDOTS_facility2General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada maintains a high level of technical expertise to conduct design, development, product improvement and full production for most calibers of conventional and training ammunition.

In its capacity as a producer of military ammunition, GD-OTS Canada acts as prime contractor; this includes procurement of components, sub-assemblies, LAP and lot acceptance testing of the ammunition. GD-OTS Canada and its ballistic testing facilities is the official Canadian National NATO Test Centre for small-caliber ammunition.



GDOTS_about_us_employeesHealth and Safety

GDOTS Canada is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of all employees and our environment. The company meets or exceeds all applicable Environmental, Health and Safety laws, regulations, company policies and customer requirements while producing high quality products.
GD-OTS Canada is committed to protecting the workers’ health, the environment and the natural resources in all of its sites. All employees, visitors and subcontractors are required to conduct their activities in compliance with this policy.

Integrated Management System and Certified on the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001; Management of the Quality, the Environment and the Occupational Health and Safety.


Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality Corporate Policy (EHSQ) 



With the focus on customer satisfaction, the management team is committed to efficiently communicate the basis of our values and policy to all departments to guide each employee in performing their tasks.

We are committed to protecting the Health & Safety of all our employees, as well as the environment. All our efforts are focused on meeting or exceeding the applicable Environmental and Health & Safety standards, company policies and customer requirements that satisfy all stakeholder expectations, while continuing to manufacture high quality products.


General Dynamics Ordnance and tactical Systems-Canada prioritizes

Continuous Improvement and prevention initiatives:

  • By ensuring the safety of our employees, visitors, subcontractors, neighboring communities, and our
  • By aiming at being a leader in our industry by improving the quality of our environment by reducing waste by applying the concepts of re-use and recycling, by reducing the use of natural resources and by promoting pollution
  • By aiming at being an industry leader by improving our performance in safety and by reducing and eliminating injuries and occupational hazards.
  • By regularly reviewing how we perform, our programs and by setting measurable goals which will enable us to improve our performance in Environment, Health & Safety and
  • By Integrating Environmental, Health & Safety, and Quality factors in our design and supply management activities as well as in the facility management and manufacturing support.
  • By encouraging and offering training programs to all employees so they feel personally accountable for the protection of the environment and the continuous improvement of our Health & Safety and Quality
  • By consulting and involving, if needed, employees and / or the workers’ representatives in the health and safety management


General Dynamics Ordnance and tactical Systems-Canada is committed to protecting its employees, the environment and the natural resources of each site. All employees, visitors, and subcontractors must respect this policy while performing their respective activities.




Our Locations:

Load, Assemble and Pack Plant and Corporate Headquarters in Repentigny

Metal Forming Plant in St-Augustin

Valleyfield Energetic Materials Plant in Valleyfield

Proofing, Testing and Evaluating Site in Nicolet

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