General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada manufactures a wide range of Pyrotechnic products.

Pyrotechnics is the science of using materials capable of undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound.

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40mm Parachute Flare Illuminating

(Under license from RWM for Canada)

The 40 mm hand held parachute illuminating flare is a pyrotechnic ammunition fired by hand that generates a bright yellow light to illuminate the battlefield.

It is spin-stabilized and uses a rocket equipped with a smokeless double base solid propellant to reach the required height for the illuminating flare to descend using a parachute. It is ignited by a rotating cap system.

Its range exceeds 600 meters and illumination time is over 30 seconds. The product is offered in two versions i.e. Visible or Infrared illumination.

Smoke Hand Grenade C8

The C8 coloured smoke hand grenade is intended for use as a hand-thrown wind drift indicator, target identification marker or as a signalling device for troops in the field. The grenade is available in yellow, red, green and violet smoke producing colours. It has an ignition delay of approximately four seconds after which time, coloured smoke is produced for a nominal duration of 40 seconds. It meets Canadian Armed Forces requirements, is highly reliable, robust and waterproofed. It can function reliably over a wide temperature range from arctic to tropical conditions (-40° C to 50° C).



Smoke Hand Grenade L83A1

(Under license from Chemring UK for Canada)

The L83A1 smoke grenade provides a fast build‐up of screening smoke in the visual wavelengths for troops in the field. The Low Tox Smoke Grenade emits a dense cloud of grey‐white screening smoke for a period of 30 seconds.

Robust and waterproof, it can function reliably over a wide temperature range from arctic to tropical conditions (‐46° C to +63° C).



Signal Smoke Drift Indicator C8 (SSDI)

The C8 Signal Smoke Drift Indicator (SSDI) is an air droppable, parachute-operated, wind drift indicator designed to meet Search and Rescue requirements. It provides wind shear information and ground reference marking preparatory to a parachute drop. The SSDI descends at a rate of approximately 6.1 m/sec and produces a bright orange smoke for 8 to 10 minutes. It is buoyant in water and floats upright for two-thirds of the burn, canting over by about 70° as it burn out. The C8 SSDI may also be operated manually on the ground to produce a bright orange smoke. It is currently in service with the Canadian Army.

Ground Burst Projectile Simulator C1A1

The Ground Burst Projectile Simulator C1A1 is designed to simulate the noise characteristics of hostile ground burst artillery fire. After a delay of 6 to 10 seconds, the device produces a 3 seconds duration whistling sound of increasing pitch, followed by an explosion giving audible and visual simulation of an incoming high explosive artillery or mortar shell. The simulator generates 110 dB noise level measured 23m from source over a wide temperature range.

  • Generates 110 dB (minimum) report measured 23 m from source
  • Functions reliably over wide temperature range, -40o C to 21o C
  • Produces definitive visible flash
Trip Flare C6

The Surface trip flare C6 is used to give warning of infiltrating hostile troops by illuminating the area. When the flare is actuated, the pyrotechnic illuminant mixture is ignited with non-delay action and burns with a yellowish-white light for 55 to 70 seconds. It produces about 40,000 candellas, illuminating a circular area with a radius of up to 274 m (300 yd) depending on terrain. It is fired by a trip wire. The flare is issued fitted with a U-shaped mounting bracket assembly.

Thunderflash C1A1

The Thunderflash C1A1 is used to simulate battle noises for troops during training. When ignited, the safety fuze burns for 7 seconds and initiates the composition which produces a flash visible to unaided eye at a distance of 25 yards in broad daylight with a sound level of 100 dB.

  • Design incorporates hollow tube handle for safety
  • Robust Design for rough handling
  • Functions over a broad temperature range: -18 to 32 degrees
  • Generates 100 dB report, measured 6 metres from source
Impact Marker CRI F4


The CRI F4 practice bomb signal cartridge is designed for employment in a Modular Practice Bomb (MPB) such as the MK-82 Snakeye, high or low-drag. The signal cartridge CRI F4 is used to indicate the point of impact by creating a column of smoke.


Marker Location Marine C2A2

pyrotechnic_marine_location_imageThe Marine Location Marker is a buoyant smoke and flame-producing device, which is primarily used in Anti-Submarine warfare operation as a positional marker on the water surface. It may also be used for other operations such as Search and Rescue operations, or to determine wind direction and speed, or in any situation, day or night, where a fixed sea surface reference point is required. It can be ejected from specially equipped aircraft using launch tubes, hand launched from an aircraft or a helicopter or even under certain operational requirements, hand launched from surface vessels. The marker emits a high intensity yellow flame and a white smoke for a period of 13 to 19 minutes after activation by a salt or fresh water battery. The MLM incorporates a self-scuttling system.